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Now is the Perfect Time

A Workshop Curriculum
The SOAR Foundation

An Original Work of Non-fiction
By David G. Yurth
Holladay, Utah
April 2008
All Rights Reserved
Unit 3

Looking Inside – Selecting a Personal Object

This is the third of twelve exercises you will be asked to complete before attending the workshop at the SOAR Foundation’s Awakening Youth Leadership Center. The purpose of this exercise is to provide you with an opportunity to select a personal object that is important, meaningful, and defining. It will help us see how you view yourself, from the inside. You are asked to bring this object with you to the workshop because it will be used as part of your participation in one of the processes.
“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between the average person and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this and stays alert, deliberately waiting, so that when this cubic centimeter of chance pops out, it is picked up.” –
Carlos Castaneda “Journey to Ixtlan”
When we make decisions about the things we acquire, we make a choice to fill our space with things that define us in one way or another. When you walk into someone’s private space, you can learn much about the person who occupies it by simply looking at what it contains or does not contain. As products of Mother Culture, we have come to define ourselves in terms of externals. As a culture, we buy cars, houses, clothing, personal possessions, kitchen appliances, workshop tools, garden implements in the context of a set of filters that work to define how we want to appear to others, as much to satisfy our own preferences. We spend so much time, money and energy focusing on the way we appear on the outside that we have little time or energy left to deal with how we are on the inside. The purpose of this exercise is to provide an opportunity for you to dive beneath the mask of exterior appearances to discover something important about who you really are.
This process asks you to:
* Decide what is really important to you and ask yourself why. * Decide what is undeniably true about you and ask yourself how you know it. * Assess your priorities and see if you can decide what, if anything, they mean about you. * Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses frankly, without judgment or shame * Visualize your dreams, visions, and goals for the future. * Claim what most truly expresses who you are to others. * Be willing to share openly, with genuine transparency, what gives you greatest joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.
From among all the things you own, select one that best expresses your highest and best nature, the person you are when allowed to rise to the highest level of nobility, compassion and love you can imagine. As you go through the selection process, notice the dialogue that plays out in your head. What are you willing to allow to be true about yourself? What will others think of you if you select a particular object? Of all the objects you possess, which do you value the most? Why do you value it? What does this mean about you? If time, money and resources were no object, what object would you pick from all the objects in the world for this exercise, if you don’t already possess it? If you do already possess it, what did you have to do to acquire it? Under what circumstances would you be willing to part with it?
The Reward Jar:
As you go through this exercise, revisit the Rewards Jar you selected in Unit 1. Did the behavior that gets in the way of making choices show up in this exercise? How did you deal with it?
Journal Entries:
After you have completed the task of selecting a personal item to share with others in the workshop, take a moment to record your experience, observations, feelings and whatever else came up for you during the process. Consider the obstacles you encountered, the way you approached and handled the process, the feelings that arose in you while you were engaged in the process. Write them down, examine all the things you have to be grateful for, and let it be.