3rd Rail Press_Now Is The Perfect Time_Unit 2_ Looking Inside_12 Jan 2020


An original workshop guide
Published for the SOAR Foundation
David G. Yurth
Bountiful, Utah 2007
All Rights Reserved

Unit 2

Looking Inside – Selecting Your Music

This is the second of twelve exercises you will be asked to complete before attending the workshop at the SOAR Foundation’s Awakening Youth Leadership Center. The purpose of this exercise is to provide an opportunity for you to look inside, discover what is true about yourself, and select one piece of music that most closely portrays everything that is beautiful, powerful, sacred and magnificent about you. This piece of music should be selected because it is the perfect expression of who you are the core of your Being.
Music either resonates within us or offends our sense of balance. When we find a piece of music that resonates, we can also recognize within it something that is true about ourselves. In this exercise, the challenge is to look deep enough inside to discover what it is about us that resonates so powerfully with the most profound music we have ever experienced. When we have found the music that best expresses who we really are, we will have discovered something timeless about ourselves, something undeniably true, something extraordinary and magnificent.
The process of music selection requires a willingness to engage in honest introspection. In this process, you are invited to make a commitment to total integrity, to step past your pre-conceived judgments about yourself, to suspend your fears, resist and avoid self-deception by embracing authenticity. This exercise invites you to claim your entitlement to joy, fulfillment, actualization and satisfaction. By engaging this process wholly, you allow the joy of your Being to spring into reality for everyone else to see.

While there are probably a million different ways to go about this task, the important thing to observe about it involves recognizing how you approach it. Do you procrastinate? Do you take it on like a warrior, stalking your destiny? What feelings does it excite within you? What does the small voice on your shoulder say to you while you are trying to make this choice?
It is essential that you complete this task before coming to the workshop because this piece of music will be used at some point during your participation to help others ‘see’ you as you have not been seen before. If you have technical challenges such as limited access to the right kinds of equipment needed to fulfill this assignment, please contact me immediately so we can solve this problem without delay.
Journal Entries:
After you have completed the task of selecting one piece of music and recording it on a CD, take a moment to write about your experience of the process in your journal. What did you do? How did you solve the problem? What obstacles did you encounter? Was it easy or difficult? How do you feel now, when you play this piece of music? What does it mean about you?
When you have finished your journal entries, know that you ARE the music. Your life is part of the great symphony of Being. Accept its magnificence and your indispensable part in it. Express your gratitude for your contribution to the music of life and let it be.
Note: It sometime happens that after selecting and recording your piece of music, at some point along the way, before the time of the workshop finally arrives, you may begin to doubt whether the piece you have selected is really the piece you want to share. This is an invaluable part of the experience of coming to choice – you cannot do it wrong. What you CAN do is look at what is going on inside you when you have this experience. Your challenge here is to make a choice and stick with it. This will require you, in turn, to decide what you want and do not want. If you find yourself vacillating about it and unable to come to choice before the event, do not under any circumstances allow this inability to make a choice prevent you from participating. If we can be of assistance to help you work your way through this before we convene, please do not hesitate to contact us.
D. Yurth