A Burger, a Bourbon and a Bong

A Bourbon, A Burger and a BongC
David Yurth (2019)
All Rights Reserved

Runnin’ late so I stomped on the pedal
Got a ticket, Dude, for drivin’ too fast
My registration’s expired
And I’m about to get fired
Trying hard but falling flat on my ass

Had a helluva day at the office
Couldn’t get my act together at all
A total network glitch
Was a sonofabitch
All the whining drives me straight up the wall

Blew a tire haulin’ ass down the freeway
Took forever just to wangle a tow
My auto club is expired
I’m Feeling totally tired
I’m a pressure cooker ready to blow


I’m too damned stoked to keep ‘er steady
I’m too damned tired for way too long
I know just what I need
Time to break out the weed
Have a bourbon, and a burger and a bong